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Step Forward Podiatry


What is a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are university-educated foot health professionals. They diagnose and treat specific foot and lower limb conditions. At Step Forward Podiatry we provide a range of services, for the diagnosis, treatment and management of all foot and lower limb conditions. As humans, our feet are our main mode of transport, however in research it is shown that people are more likely to have their car serviced than have their feet checked by a podiatrist. Our feet are very complex, with bones, joints and ligaments all in such a small part of the body. Feet can not be replaced, you get one set, so lets keep them healthy, and keep you comfortably on your feet.



Lauren Earl - Podiatrist (Director)

Lauren started Step Forward Podiatry after returning from overseas where she had been in Hervey Bay, Sydney and London practicing as a Podiatrist in general clinics and specialised sports clinics. She graduated her Bachelor of Health Sciences in Podiatry at AUT in 2007, and since returning from overseas has continued her studies in which she is now currently working towards her Postgraduate Diploma in Podiatry. She also works at the university as a Clinical Educator 2 days of the week.
Lauren is currently on maternity leave, so has put on hold her hock and running for now. She will be back to Podiatry, what she loves, once her little boy is a bit older.
Rest assured all her patients are in good hands with Jurie at the clinic Monday - Saturday.




Juire Al-Kashoosh - Podiatrist 

Juire is a qualified Podiatrist. Her passion to become a podiatrist came out of the joy of helping people. She takes pride in treating people's feet to enable them to get back to what they love doing, whether it's walking the dog or running in a marathon. She enjoys the variety that Podiatry offers, including working with children, athletes, people with chronic conditions, and those who just want to take care of their feet.
Juire belongs to a close-knit family, and is one of ten siblings. "My parents have always encouraged me to achieve my goals. Hence, I decided to move from Auckland down to the Hawke's Bay briefly to gain more experience in the podiatry field".
Jurie has colunteered with several charities, so helping others and giving back to the community became very important when choosing her career, which is why she decided to become a podiatrist. "I believe no matter what your age, having healthy feet is an important part of good health".



Podiatrists specialise in the feet & lower leg. Come and see our friendly, professional Podiatrists at Step Forward Podiatry. They are ACC accredited and there is no need for a referral from your doctor or specialist.

Step Forward Podiatry is located within Shore Physiotherapy at our Fred Thomas Clinic. They are open Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings.

Step Forward Podiatry services:

  • Foot Pain & Injury
  • Sports Podiatry
  • Gait Analysis
  • Footwear Assessment
  • Orthotics
  • General Podiatry- Nails & Callus/Corn
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Fungal Nails/Skin


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