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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I see a Physiotherapist without a referral from a GP?

Yes you can. Shore Physio is ACC accredited so we can lodge ACC claims and organise all paperwork directly. Our friendly administration staff can help you with this when you arrive.

If you have already lodged an ACC claim for your injury elsewhere please ensure you have the claim number and details for us at your initial appointment.


For queries regarding ACC cover or how ACC can help you, speak with your Physiotherapist or contact ACC on 0800 101 996.


Does ACC cover the cost?

If your session is covered by ACC, then they will pay a contribution towards the fees. An appropriate surcharge will be charged by the clinic for services.

ACC surcharges range from $25.00 - $50.00 per appointment

There are additional charges for products and services such as acupuncture, strapping, TMJ Treatment and Clinical Pilates.

*Fees may be subject to change at any time.


What if I don't have ACC?

If your injury is not covered by ACC, our physiotherapist's are still happy to treat you. If you have medical insurance then we are happy to provide receipts for you to claim through them.

Private charges range from $60 - $100 per appointment


How long does an appointment take and where do I park?

Initial appointments are approximately 40 minutes and Follow Up appointments are 30 minutes.

All of our clinics offer patient parking either in front or at the back of each building.  Please note there is a 1 hour parking time limit at our Fred Thomas Clinic.

If more time is required, then your physiotherapist will indicate to you to allow for more time.


Do you provide any other services?

​We are lucky enough to have a Podiatrist within our Fred Thomas branch, along with Mercy Radiology and Unichem onsite also.

​Our MedPlus clinic also have Auckland Radiology Group and a Pharmacy within the grounds.