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Clinical Pilates


Shore Physio offers private clinical Pilates sessions. All our Pilates instructors are qualified physiotherapists which ensure that exercises will be performed safely, effectively and at the appropriate level to allow you to achieve the best results.​


Clinical Pilates integrates evidence based Physiotherapy with Pilates.  The physiotherapist will assess your needs and prescribe in individual tailored program to strengthen the key muscles that are necessary for ideal posture and trunk stability, lengthen short muscles and to correct movement patterns. This allows individuals to rehabilitate from injury or pain and prevent the risk the risk of re-injury.


Clinical Pilates is available at our Byron Ave Clinic with Physiotherapist Karen. Karen has 10+ years experience in treating a wide range of musuloskeletal pathologies and sports injuries and finds the combination of exercise based rehabilitation and manual therapy to be extremely successful in resolving musculoskeletal disorders and preventing re-injury.



​For more information on Pilates classes or to book, please call us on (09) 489 7573 or click here to contact us.