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About Us

The team at Shore Physio are dedicated to providing great customer service, and industry leading clinical care. We are primarily a manual therapy clinic, which means treatments are delivered with a “hands on” bias.

We understand and value the importance of developing and maintaining honest and trusting relationships with our clients. We feel that this provides the best platform for effective clinical care and communication, and we encourage client feedback.

There are some circumstances when we can’t help, or physiotherapy isn’t appropriate and we will either contact your primary physician, which is typically your General Practitioner, or we can directly refer you to some of New Zealand’s leading Medical Specialists and Allied Health Professionals.

Shore Physio is highly geared towards ongoing education, and as a clinic we have a close working relationship with Auckland University of Technology (AUT). We provide teaching facilities for undergraduate, and post-graduate physiotherapy students, and staff lecture in specialized subjects. Ongoing education is a priority among our staff, and all our physiotherapists participate in regular professional development including formal Masters level post-graduate study, or regular clinical reviews, and mentoring.

Our processes and procedures as an accredited practice are similarly important and we are regularly audited to ensure we meet rigorous Allied Health Sector Standards.



Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a provider of a health service we respect your Rights as outlined in the Code of Health and Disability Services.

The Ten Rights in the Code are:

Right to be treated with respect

Right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment, and exploitation

Right to dignity and independence

Right to services of an appropriate standard

Right to effective communication

Right to be fully informed

Right to make an informed choice and give informed consent

Right to support

Rights in respect to teaching or research

Right to complain

You can be assured you are in safe hands with the team at Shore Physio.